The keyword in the server rules is respect and the essence of the following rules is to not ruin other people’s gaming experience. If you are unsure about any of the rules, please contact us in game or via email. The Staff has the right to make the final decision on severity of punishments if they deem any players to be breaking rules. Report all players that are seen breaking rules, preferably with evidence.

1. Respect other players

Be considerate of other players’ feelings and rights. Don’t troll other players, and keep the game fun for them. If you do not want to talk to a player, use the /ignore command. Offensive or sensitive language, including (but not limited to) rape jokes, racism, sexism and homophobia, is not tolerated. Do not build any offensive structures. Do not spam or use excessive capital letters.

2. Respect the Staff

As an extension to rule #1, you should respect the Staff’s responsibilities, and not do anything that would interfere with them job. If you have any problem with the Staff, please report the staff member on the forum. Don’t discuss any form of punishment in game; Again, use the forum for that.

3. Play fair

Alternate accounts are allowed, but not for spying. Spawn camping is not allowed. Combat logging is not allowed, as it is unfair for the other player engaging in PVP. Do not cheat, abuse or glitch, or do anything that puts yourself at an unfair advantage.

4. Respect the server

Advertising any other server is not tolerated. Mentioning other servers is allowed, but any attempt to draw players away from PandaMC is considered advertising, and will result in punishment. Keep AFK farms to an appropriate amount. Don’t try to crash the server.

5. Respect the environment

Keep the environment pretty, don’t leave half chopped down trees and replant trees. Don’t build any structures that ruin the environment. This includes (but not limited to)  lone dirt pillars, lone cobble pillars, water griefing and lava griefing.